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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

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Late again, but luckily (or not) there's not a lot going on...

Tracy Ringolsby has an article on Brian Lawrence at the Rocky Mountain News. Apparently Lawrence got through two scoreless innings against the White Sox in yesterday's "B" game, but the article makes it sound like he allowed several baserunners. The point of the article, however, is that Lawrence and the Rockies have the luxury of patience in letting him get ready for the season.

Patrick Saunders goes over new pitches that various Rockies' pitchers are working on, or working on improving. Aaron Cook's changeup, for instance was used with some good effect on Sunday, but it takes more than a Spring outing to convince Clint Hurdle, according to the official site's Owen Perkins:

"I'll be encouraged when he takes it into the season," Hurdle said. "A lot of people try it in Spring Training. A lot of people, when it comes time for them to ring the bell, they kind of fall back in their own way. He threw some excellent changeups to some right-handers. I like him doing what he's doing."

Perkins also notes Ubaldo Jimenez' change, which he used to K three Rangers yesterday, but doesn't mention Oscar Rivera's, which was about as impressive in the game. Maybe it's because U-ball also impressed with a 96 mph fastball, which beat Rivera by about 12 mph or so.