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Rostradamus: Rangers 8, Rockies 2

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Alexis Gomez, John Mabry: Veteran left handed bench guys are in season, this Spring. Mabry went one for two with two walks while DH'ing, and Gomez, subbing in center mid-game, also went one for two, dropping his Spring average to .556, not that there should be small sample concerns or anything...


Ubaldo Jimenez: I could go with some usual suspects (like Javy Lopez, who went zero for three with baserunners again) but I'll take Jimenez, who showed flashes of brilliance, but also a stretch where he left enough out over the plate to get touched for three runs. When Desi Relaford scorches a double off of you, that's trouble.


Cory Sullivan: It's not as if Willy Taveras is setting the world on fire with his .250 batting average thus far, but Sully hasn't been putting much pressure on, batting half that at .125 for the Spring to date. Sullivan did walk and score one of the Rockies' two runs, but more will be needed if he wants to win the starting job.

Others of Note: Clint Barmes made some solid contact, but the end result, one single in four at bats, isn't exactly awe inspiring. He still doesn't seem to have the same pop he had two years ago, when he was roping doubles and the occasional homerun all over the place. Oscar Rivera now has eight K's in five innings pitched, easily the best K/9 rate on the team this Spring, unfortunately, he's also allowed half of the opposition's homeruns this Spring, with Bautista and Martin only allowing one apiece to his two. Manny Corpas and Ramon Ramirez closed out the game with two perfect, efficient innings, it's too bad one of them wasn't left handed.