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Plugged, and unplugged

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Alright, I'm not going to recommend the following book for it's Rockies section, which was written by some half-witted blogger chick who seems to have stolen a lot of my stuff.., but if you want to know about the rest of baseball this season, then I definitely suggest getting The Hardball Times 2007 Season Preview.

Meanwhile, speaking of 2007 projection books, there's trouble in paradise when it comes to Baseball Prospectus, apparently, as U.S.S. Mariner takes exception to some snark therein. I can vouch for the bit about some of BP's writers being good people (go Marc Normandin!) and some being uhm.., well a little more surly, so this drama probably could be expected.

Also, I know malakian posted links to some of his systemwide player profiles in the comments a couple of threads down, but be sure to check them all out in the scroll menus down along the left sidebar.