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Rostradamus: Rockies 6, White Sox 3


Jason Hirsh: Looking back, yesterday was really an interesting separation day, where several players took a step forward in their competition for roster spots. Hirsh's three inning, one hit, one K, zero run performance was as confident a step ahead as any. When he came in all the momentum was with the Sox, after they scored three off Rodrigo in the third, and Jason silenced them. Alright, here's the caveat: Ozzie Guillen would be notorious for switching out his starters early in Spring games if he wasn't already notorious for other stuff, so Hirsh didn't get quite as many opportunities against the "A" squad as I would have liked.


Troy Tulowitzki: His one hit was a rope, as he doubled with one out in the sixth, but his other two plate appearances had him looking very much like a rookie. He swung wildly at a pitch as he got fooled in the fourth and was caught looking on what looked to be a relatively hittable (I know, easy for me to say) pitch in the second.


Rodrigo Lopez: This isn't for a slot in the rotation, which he has in the bag, but for the opening day starter honor. I know he was only using his fastball yesterday, but his rough third inning was shakier than anything Cook or Francis have put up.

Others of Note: Chris Iannetta threw out Junior Spivey in the only official attempt against him. Another runner was attempting a steal on a called ball four, and I think there might have been one other case where a would be thief couldn't test his arm. In both cases I saw (the Spivey CS, and the ball four) Chris' footwork looked solid, and I know he's been working on that this Spring. He didn't get to release on the walk, but against Spivey, obviously everything clicked fairly well. This is a long way of saying that I think it's clear he's a better run stopper than Javy Lopez.

Jeff Salazar continues his streakiness, as he's been held hitless his last couple of game appearances in late situations against back-end pitchers. Jamey Carroll hasn't been hitting well in these early Spring games, but he has been showing his usual stellar defense. I was mildly impressed by Mike Gallo's brief outing yesterday, but his career scares me. Our last three relievers yesterday, Gallo, Speier, and Greg Reynolds, had a nifty 7/0 GB/FB ratio, you have to love that if you're a Rockies fan. What you really have to love is how our lineup is working, speed: Willy T (two runs, an SB, and havoc!) and Kaz (two run, two out triple) leads to power: Atkins, Helton, Holliday (two for three) and Hawpe, leads to promise: Tulo and Iannetta. I'm excited, at least.