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Spring Training Game #7: Rockies vs Brewers

So, one of the first things I'm going to do when I finally win the Powerball, probably right after the saline implants, is to make myself a little  streaming audio thing I'll call, Purple Row: the Station, and then call the Monforts and MLB and buy up all the rights to broadcast these Spring gap games where KOA does us wrong by not being there. I think I'll also try get some Asheville Tourists, or Tri-City Dust Devil games during the season since those teams seem to be lacking in their internet audio coverage sometimes as well. maybe some AFL action or better yet, I'll assign myself to be producer for our HWB games. Yeah, that will be the ticket...

Yep, the rest of the time, it will be Yanni. All Yanni. Yanni from the Acropolis, Yanni from Red Rocks, Yanni from the back of Al's Garage. Yanni from your mom's pantry. Not that I like Yanni, he just seems to have enough stuff to fill up the dead spaces and you're likely to be hard pressed to tell if you actually heard it before after it all mushes together.

Here's an uninteresting Yanni side note from a Google search today because it's Spring and I know you have nothing better to do:

From a 2003 review in the Austin Chronicle:

"...that would-be harmonic bouillabaisse leaves you with a homogenization more akin to cafeteria food. Nothing tastes really bad, but in the absence of a single startling or jarring note during the course of a three-hour concert, you can't help but question its authenticity."

From Yanni's 2004 100th Anniversary Gala speech at his alma mater, the University of Minnesota:

I hate to tell you this, but do you have any idea what my first job was at the University? I was washing dishes at the Campus Club in Coffman Union.

Dang, that reviewer was good in picking out his source material.

Anyway, Josh Fogg and Byung Hyun Kim welcome Milwaukee's split travel squad today. In a little while, the Gameday link should be up and running.