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Rostradamus: Milwaukee 8, Rockies 2 and Rockies 7, White Sox 4

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A double edition since I missed yesterday...


Ryan Spilborghs: He's been hanging around probably longer than many pundits expected for that final outfield slot, he's gone three for five over the last two games with a double yesterday after collecting two of the Rockies' seven hits on Wednesday.

Yorvit Torrealba: As Redhawk points out in the comments below this one, Tracy Ringolsby sees him having an advantage over Javy Lopez for the final catcher slot behind Chris Iannetta. He's been making solid contact, and reports indicate that yesterday his shoulder looked good in nabbing one of two baserunners trying to steal against him.


John Mabry: With Spilborghs, Steve Finley, and Alexis Gomez all able to play all three outfield positions, Mabry's defensive limitations are making him fall behind the others, despite his consistent contact.

Taylor Buchholz: He didn't exactly blow away expectations with his outing yesterday, but just managing his game and limiting the damage against him was a step up from Kim and Fogg the day before.


Josh Fogg and Byung Hyun Kim: Speaking of, we all know about how Wednesday's massacre at the hands of the Brewers brought them back to the pack in the rotation derby. People will say it's a meaningless Spring game, but the meaning we're deriving from this is exactly the meaning coaches are, last year's failings from these two are showing up in their play again, and we can't have that this season.

Danny Graves: Four walks in one inning isn't a good way to make a first impression for the Spring.

Others of Note: Clint Barmes and Troy Tulowitzki each went zero for three in successive games. Tulo had one walk, Barmes had two K's, although Carlos Villanueva was throwing a lot more K worthy stuff on Wednesday than White Sox pitchers were yesterday. Still, the separation between the two shortstops appears to be widening.  Denny Bautista allowed a homerun to Joe Crede, matching Oscar Rivera for most allowed by a Rockies pitcher this Spring at two. Both these pitchers seem destined for the Sky Sox and they couldn't have more different stuff driving their success, but as of right now, cutting back on the HR's seems to be the only thing holding them back.