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MLB Spots Rockies 50 wins; Team Still Won't Make Playoffs

April Fools!?

Woody Paige has his April Fool's column up and the Rockies making the playoffs after winning 92 games, but only on this day.

Patrick Saunders and Troy Renck have articles up today. Saunders offers his take on the roster. He focuses on Matt Holliday as a guy who needs to step into a leadership role for the Rockies to compete this season. If he and the team don't take a step forward, then he'll be gone once he hits free agency in a couple years, provided he's not traded before that point. And that is certainly not groundbreaking news.

Renck's piece includes a number of rituals the players have. Rodrigo Lopez must know something about the nutritious value of paper cups that doctors don't.

Bonus points for anyone who knows where this comes from: "The crack of the bat. The roar of the crowd. That's right, baseball's back. [...]." Even more points if you can give the funny line that eventually comes out of this promo.