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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

Renck checks in this morning with a report on Francis. Jeff Kent has high praise for Franchise's performance yesterday, and we can expect more of these longer performances (at least from a pitch count perspective):

"He wasn't going to melt just because he reached 100," pitching coach Bob Apodaca said. "We need to show them confidence that we trust them late."

That's encouraging to hear but it's not something I want to see three outings in a row for a pitcher. Unless you're, uh, a pitcher such as Livan Hernandez.


The Yankees re-signed Ron Villone after releasing him before the start of the season. The reason why the Rockies didn't gain his services? Kim, of course. And as the article goes, the Rockies want a big league reliever in return for Kim. For a team that would want Kim to relieve, they'd have to give up one of their relievers that has already failed. Trading garbage for garbage, but there are worse alternatives to Kim.

Sadly, and not unexpected, Scott Boras won't negotiate during the season for Holliday.


Will Jeff Francis drop his appeal this week? Let's get ready for a Taylor Buchholz start!

Update [2007-4-10 16:55:25 by Russ]: lgh77 points us to this article that reveals Francis' decision to drop his appeal.