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Game #9: Rockies vs Dodgers; Hirsh vs Penny

Jason Hirsh takes the mound for the Rockies in tonight's rubber match of the series in LA. With a win, the Rockies can even their record on the nine game roadtrip at 3-3 heading into Phoenix for the set against the D-backs. April won't get much easier going forward, so we should look to pick up small victories where we can find them. Hirsh looked solid in his Rockies debut against the Padres last week, and the offense has hit Brad Penny well in the past, so this figures to be another decent opportunity.

At this point in the season, I'm happy with how we've progressed. I didn't figure on a fast start, counting on a learning curve for prospects like Hirsh, Tulowitzki and Iannetta to push their contributions to later in the season, which so far seems like it might be the case, at least for the latter two. I anticipated more from Taveras and the middle of the order, but not as much from our rotation. All in all, we're probably right on my guesstimate even though it's taken a bit of a different path to get there. Wins in these next two series will be a welcome surprise, but even if they don't happen, so long as we avoid the sweep in Arizona we'd still be in decent shape for the year.

Of course, no complaints from me for a win tonight,

Go Rockies!