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Scaling the Rox: Dodgers 2, Rockies 1

Aspect Score Notes
Table Setters Only two out of eight plate appearances they got on board. Taveras took a walk which was encouraging. Neither scored.
Heart of the Lineup Several times aboard tonight, but outside of Hawpe and Holliday's doubles, there wasn't a lot of thunder from these slots.
Bottom of the Order Torrealba had one hit in the seventh when it counted, but that was the lone highlight.
Situational Hitting/Bench Baker and Finley didn't come through in the clutch tonight.
Starting Pitching Another solid start by Rodrigo.
Middle Relief Kim allowed the winning run in two innings of work. He wasn't that bad, though.
Late Relief None of our other relievers were used.
Coaching/Management I don't see any glaring errors yet again in the game management, just another instance of on field personnel not coming through.
Luck Not much difference either way.
Defense All in all, it was another well defended game.