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Thirsty Thursdays: The Sports Column

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I'm going to be starting a new series on these off Thursdays featuring a different LoDo tavern each week. Those regulars to Coors field will probably know these well, for visitors, these are the spots you want to try after a game. We're going to start tonight with the "Official Sports Bar of the Colorado Rockies," the Sports Column.

Located at 1930 Blake St., the Sports Column is just an outfield toss from Coors Field. While the outside isn't much to look at during the day, done in the traditional LoDo "dilapidated warehouse," style of architecture, it does grow on you at night and after a couple of rounds. The atmosphere is intensely jock oriented, and as a girl you're definitely going to be outnumbered, which can be both a good and bad thing. The guys are usually fairly athletic, maybe it has something to do with the fact that there's not a whole lot of seating and there are games for you to show off your own feats of strength and athleticism. The tavern is almost always noisy and boisterous, particularly after home games. I like to think of it as vibrant and fan friendly, emos among us will disagree.

Thursday's at the Sports Column have a great deal going on, a $5 cover to get in and then drinks for $1. It gets packed early and drunkenly obnoxious late, so keep that in mind and you might want to choose a different time to go if you're not into the heavily intoxicated mob scene. Other than Thursdays, there is typically elbow space and the people are friendly and enthused about whatever  games are playing on any of the several screens scattered throughout the bar.

Food is standard pub fare, not anything to write home about, but it has gotten better the last couple of times I visited. Mixed drinks are surprisingly decent for a sports bar, which I usually figure to be pretty much beer only joints. I actually was able to order a decent mojito the last time I went three years ago and was muy impressed. Still, beer is the beverage of choice, and they seem to have a good selection on tap. Friday and Saturday the Sports Column will typically have live music, another plus in my book, and Saturday night after a Rockies win is probably my favorite time to visit.

As this is a new idea of mine, feedback would be appreciated in the comments, as well as your own reviews of the Sports Column and suggestions for the next tavern to review. Thanks!