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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

As several of you and Troy Renck have noticed, the Rockies so far this season are reminiscent of a vacant playground with so many empty swings. The trend's not good, but keep in mind that even though in a couple of cases (Tulowitzki and Taveras) high K percentages may be expected to continue, the overall team line will almost certainly drop substantially as the season progresses. For those individuals on our team that have high K rates, Tangotiger has done an interesting study on the offensive effects of drastic changes in these rates, either up or down. Tango's the one who's asked for the Community's help in forecasting players and evaluating defense, so you know it's a good read and that he knows his stuff.

Tracy Ringolsby says that Brian Lawrence's rehab will continue, as the right hander hasn't made a convincing argument he's ready to join the staff yet. Tom Martin will also begin a rehab stint with the Sky Sox this weekend.

That's it for right now. The Pebble Report will follow and then we'll have more draft coverage by David Ohno starting today.