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Friday Morning Rockpile:

A couple of things, maybe:

Brad Lidge, could he be a Rockie? and other notes from around the majors by Tracy Ringolsby.

Also from Ringolsby and the RMN, some potentially encouraging news on the Matt Holliday front:

Holliday said his first choice would be Colorado, and Boras, whose reputation is shopping clients for the highest price available, said he doesn't see any reason Holliday has to part ways with the Rockies.

"Matt's situation reminds me of Greg Maddux with Atlanta (after his first contract) and Bernie Williams with the Yankees," Boras said. "There is going to have to be a time when a decision is made by the club as to what it wants to do. And then the decision is made by Matt.

Finally, apparently the Rockies asked for both Scott Williamson and Todd Williams from the Orioles for BK, and were turned down. Williams we had known about, but this is the first time I'd heard Williamson's name connected to those talks.