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Scaling the Rox: Rockies 6, D-backs 3

Aspect Score Notes
Table Setters Kaz-Mat comes back with a big night tonight, his double to the wall off Cruz in the ninth will keep defenses back on him, keeping his game wide open. Steve Finley was terrible. Don't even look at our production from the leadoff slot this season if you want to stay happy.
Heart of the Lineup Congrats to Todd on his 1000th RBI! Big nights for Holliday and Hawpe as well.
Bottom of the Order Not a really good job of keeping the rallies going tonight. At least we didn't need them as much.
Situational Hitting/Bench Mabry, Carroll and Baker were good, but Steve Finley... oy.
Starting Pitching Fogg was solid through five, which was all we needed tonight. Except to Eric Byrnes and a pitch to Drew, he looked better than the Cy Young winner he was throwing against.
Middle Relief A spectacular (and perfect) job by all our relievers tonight, starting with Affeldt (3 GB's) and Corpas (2 K's).
Late Relief Hawkins and Fuentes finish the work the rest of our pitchers started without any damage being done.
Coaching/Management Going left heavy against Webb somewhat worked, at least with Mabry, and compared to some really strange decisions by his counterpart (leaving Webb in so long?) Hurdle looked like the better manager tonight.
Luck We got a nice non-call in our favor with a seeming DP in the seventh, and other aspects seemed to bounce our way as well.
Defense Solid defense overall, although Hawpe's throw to the plate in an attempt to stop Drew from scoring was as bad as I've seen from Brad.