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Game #11: Rockies vs D-backs; Cook vs Hernandez

Livan Hernandez is coming off a strong start against the Washington Nationals, after going seven innings against the Rockies in the second game of the season. Despite his low ERA, neither start has been particularly impressive, and after getting multiple looks at him less than two weeks ago, I have reason to suspect the offense will come out in force tonight.

Only part of that is because I have a rooting interest in his faltering this season thanks to my bet with the Snakepit. Another part is my rooting interest in his faltering as a fan of a rival team. After those two points you can pretty much throw my credibility as a neutral observer out the window, but I'm telling you, as the season wears on, you'll start to see it. His K rate will be down a strikeout or two per inning and the hits he allows will go up as some of the luck he's had with fielders on sharply hit line drives begins to subside. Soon the runs will start crossing the plate with greater frequency, and worse for the Diamondbacks, he'll have to be pulled quicker into his starts.

I'm just thankful we have the starting five we do, in the primes of their careers just starting to peak. Aaron Cook being a perfect example of that. Other pundits obviously don't see it, as none of our starters are ace material. That's okay though, we'll start getting the accolades soon enough. Another big win over the Snakes tonight will help get the attention. Let's go Rockies!