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Game #12: Kim vs. Doug Davis

BH Kim receives his first start of the season, for good or for bad. Let's hope he's on his best today for any scouts in attendance looking for a starter.

Opposing him is Doug Davis who took in the loss in the April 4th contest between these two teams. He walked five, but also struck out six in five innings. Of course, J.D. Durbin was banished from the team after he allowed 7 runs in relief during that game.

Guys, hit the Snakes hard and keep the runs as constant as the rain is here in NY today. Victory is in your hands (or Kim's)!

Update [2007-4-15 15:51:58 by Russ]: I just found out that Kaz Matsui went on the DL with lower back spasms and Clint Barmes was called up to take his spot.