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Scaling the Rox: Giants 8, Rockies 0

Aspect Score Notes
Table Setters Slight upgrade for Willy Taveras drawing a walk and not striking out.
Heart of the Lineup Todd Helton and Brad Hawpe did the hitting against a left hander. Where Garrett Atkins and Matt Holliday were last night is still a mystery, but those two lookalikes that replaced them were no good. In fairness, at least Matt's outs were mostly deep into center field.
Bottom of the Order Notice how the Tulo complaints have quieted the last couple of days as his average ticks up. The game ending DP wasn't good, but we were down eight, so even a clutch hit would likely have been futile. Iannetta drew another walk had a solid six pitch at bat before striking out, and flew out to right. I'm not sure where Kiszla is getting his complaints from other than the small sample BA.
Situational Hitting/Bench Carroll got some more work as a replacement for Kaz and didn't do anything tonight to make the team think twice about who their regular starter is. His bases loaded K with two outs in the fifth was our last real chance to start getting back into this game. Finley GIDP's and Baker flies out to right in PH roles.
Starting Pitching Francis will bounce back. It wasn't a good night for him to be off his game though, as this loss was quite discouraging.
Middle Relief Josh Fogg and McClellan did alright in their first MLB relief appearances for quite awhile. One run in three innings isn't bad.
Late Relief Not much pressure, but Fuentes looked good.
Coaching/Management For switching down Hawkins early in the day, Hurdle gets a bonus here even if last night's score was pretty bad.
Luck Barry Zito decides to start his season against us after sluffing off the last two weeks? That's a bad bit of chance right there, if you ask me.
Defense A bit sloppy last night, but there wasn't much going right for the team anywhere.