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Scaling the Rox: Rockies 5, Giants 3

Aspect Score Notes
Table Setters OBP wasn't a problem for Willy Taveras last night as he got on three out of four times. Running the bases was a problem, however, as he was retired twice that way. Jamey Carroll's zero for four wasn't a help.
Heart of the Lineup Three for eleven with five walks, even if one of the hits was pretty cheap.
Bottom of the Order Torrealba came through when he had too, but we need more regular production from this slot to keep pitchers from throwing around our three through six so much. Tulowitzki went zero for four out of the eighth slot.
Situational Hitting/Bench Only two for nine from our bench guys counting Yorvit and Jamey's fill in roles, but those two hits drove in four of our five runs.
Starting Pitching A quality start for Hirsh. As the relief corps works itself into its more optimal set-up, and as our offense comes on fire, there will be more games where keeping the team close through seven will be as valuable as last night despite the no decision.
Middle Relief It's a relief that Rami's not in this category anymore.
Late Relief Fuentes and Ramirez allowed one baserunner between them, and both breezed through their innings of work.
Coaching/Management Although we'll see how benching Iannetta for last night works out in the end later, I think it was the right decision given the result of the ballgame.
Luck A lot of luck played into our hands last night. the stars seemed to favor us.
Defense Tulo's leaping snare versus Taveras's misplay in center... It's a tough call to go this high, but all around I thought the defense was better than the night before when everybody seemed a little off.