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Early Game Open Thread:

Most of our lucky friends are probably just about ready to start making their way to Coors right about now. And if they're not, they should be. You've got to get to the temple early on Opening Day people, catch some BP, soak in the atmosphere of 48,000 roaring Rox fans. Mmmm...

Anyway, for the rest of us we can look at the out of town scoreboard in the meantime:

Starting at 11:05 MDT:

Atlanta vs Philly
Florida vs Washington
Tampa Bay vs New York
Toronto vs Detroit

At 12:05, our first divisional competition gets underway with the Dodger tilt:

Cleveland vs White Sox
Los Angeles vs Milwaukee

At 2:10:

Chicago vs Cincinnati

It looks like Furcal's out of the lineup for the Dodgers, I'm hoping he's still rusty by the time the Rockies get to Chavez Ravine next week. I'm sorry, that lineup in LA just seems so weak right now for a divisional heavyweight.