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Game #1! Rockies vs Diamondbacks; Cook vs Webb

Bob Melvin's going for past success based match-ups in his Opening Day lineup (from the AZ Snakepit, which has some further analysis, too:

opening day

Six long cold and snowy (for most of us) months of waiting have come down to this. Everything from here on for the next six months seemingly dictates how we'll eat sleep and breathe and otherwise interact in our daily lives. Our heroes and our villains on our own team and on the teams of our opponents will etch themselves into our collective conscience in moments that successful or not, we'll remember and recount to our grandchildren. The anticipation, the build-up, the avid search for some sort of playoff hope indicates even among some of our loveable cynics that this season already seems to mark a pivot for the Rockies, and we haven't even played a game or seen a pitch yet. For this month of April let's just revel in the return of a truly exciting baseball team to Denver, and watch with joy -and let's be honest, probably some anguish here and there- the exploits of our summertime hereoes.

Come May, we'll know more firmly where we stand on the season, but for right now, let's just play some ball.