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Rox Scale: Diamondbacks 8, Rockies 6

Not a pretty start to the season, but then again, we've had good starts go way bad in the past, so maybe the change will kick us in gear.

Aspect Score Notes
Table Setters Mostly thanks to Matsui, who got on three out of five times, but if our one and two hitters can get on four out of ten times every game, we should be okay.
Heart of Lineup Atkins and Holliday's miserable zero for ten was one of the major reasons for the loss today. Hawpe and Helton were fine with the contact and patience.
Bottom of the Order How can you argue with the clutch job Tulo and Iannetta did early today to keep us in? Nice debut for the rooks.
Situational Hitting/Bench Jeff Baker's big pinch hit HR in the sixth gave us the lead for a little while, and Steve Finley's eighth inning walk gave us a chance to tie.
Starting Pitching Cook was constantly pitching from behind, walked too many, and left with five runs across the board.
Middle Relief Excellent job by Corpas and Ramirez was blown by Hawkins.
Late Relief Set-up man LaTroy Hawkins allowed the tying and go behind runs to score in his Rockies debut, not a way to make a first impression to the Coors faithful.
Coaching/Management Good calls with pinch hitters was mitigated by two disastrous intentional walks.
Luck Some bounces went our way (like the Baker homerun taking Chris Young's glove off) some did not, I didn't see any noticeable advantage.
Defense Some notably bad defense by Hawpe, Atkins and Holliday was on display.