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Happy Opening Day!!!!! Open Breakfast Buffet Thread

We've got lots of stuff coming today, but I'm just so giddy, I want to get things rolling with the community discussion right away. Now, I wish I had for breakfast today what I had yesterday for brunch, this divine French Toast with a sort of bananas foster theme going with it with the carmelized rum sauce on brioche. Mmmm... scrumptious. But I'm just curious if anybody's got any rituals today, or what you're listening to beforehand, where you plan to watch/listen to the game, all of that. Unfortunately my dream of opening a Rockies sports bar on the East Coast (third thing I do with my Powerball winnings) has yet to materialize, so I'll be watching on my computer all day, as I'm too cheap to get satellite.

Breakfast for me this morning was a bowl of Special K and some coffee, I am going to eat some fresh strawberries later. Currently on my playlist: Here Comes Your Man, by the Pixies.