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Monday Morning Rockpile:

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Lots of media coverage to run through today, the Rocky Mountain News had most of it's preview up yesterday, the highlights:

A couple of brainiacs are among our fave rookies: check out Chris Iannetta's most recent read according to this article.

Tracy Ringlosby says we're scoring big in Latin America, and although Manny Corpas is the only product of the work there currently in Denver, Ubaldo Jimenez and Alvin Colina are knocking down the door and Franklin Morales shouldn't be far behind.

Jack Etkin looks at the NL West's LHP's, and I'm of the opinion that the list seems more impressive now than it will play out this season. Some major creakiness in the geezers Johnson and Wells, mixed with inconsistency in Wolf and especially Davis leaves Zito as the only really premiere southpaw addition.

A scout's eye view of the lineup is here. I'll add a little tidbit I got in an e-mail from a scout on Matsui: he's apparently made a couple of adjustments at the plate, including choking up a bit more, from what he was doing with with New York which saps HR power but is allowing his bat to get through the box a lot quicker. The scout says this is driving the higher contact rates, and that's why I'm high on him being considerably over his projections this year. We'll see if I'm right.

Charlie Monfort's made his annual dinner bet with Dave Krieger, if the Rox win, the know-it-all columnist gets to pick up the tab, if they lose, the owner does. I'm already out on a limb with my own prediction for the Rockies this year, so Charlie, if you need some funds to pay for that meal, give me a call. I know how you like saving the cash anyway. Maybe you can use it as a downpayment to sign a centerfielder.

There's more over there, including pieces on Aaron Cook, Garrett Atkins and Brian Fuentes and Ringolsby's five keys for success for the Rockies this year. I think they're mostly on, history has shown in season managerial changes can work (Florida a few seasons ago) but it's usually a bad sign when your team needs to go that direction, and baserunning will be important, but most of that importance will come from Willy T and Kaz-Mat beating out throws to first.

By the way, more on Aaron Cook's inspiring story was written by Larry Brown over at AOL's FanHouse blog.

Let's go over to the Post:

Tulo is the Awesome! I knew that, but just in case anybody else needed the reminder. Speaking of which, in addition to the game threads today, if anybody has some wants to AIM me, my TuloFanGirl screenname will be up and running soon.

Monfort's a realist, he sees the same current uncertainty down in the rotation we all do, but he also sees the depth in starters that only a few of us are seeing as a huge difference maker this season. And of course, there's more worth checking out and some less worth checking out over there at the Post too, including the tidbit that the Rox are indeed interested in Ron Villone, at least mildly.

Definitely check out Dan's Carol of the Rox 2007, at Up in the Rockies. His ghosts said some of the same things (IANNETTA ROY!!!!) and some different things (what do you mean we're not going to win?) than mine did. I'm not sure if he paid them enough.

Okay, finally, even though the Rox don't get to face Randy Johnson this week, some of our eagerly anticipated prospects do, as the Unit's scheduled to face Modesto this Sunday. Let's hope Dex Fowler, Cole Garner, EY and friends can knock him around a bit and encourage the Snakes to extend his rehab a couple more times through the rotation.