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Scaling the Rox: Dodgers 8, Rockies 1

Okay, the one good thing that happened yesterday: Livan Hernandez was hammered by the Padres and his VORP for the season dropped to 2.4. With Rodrigo's holding steady at 6.0, my challenge to the Snakepit seems a bit more warranted now. Oh, about the game, though...

Aspect Score Notes
Table Setters Two times on base for eight plate appearances. Once by walk, once by bunt single. Thirteen pitches were seen by Taveras and Barmes in the leadoff slot in four PA's, that number has to be higher.
Heart of the Lineup Four for fifteen (one walk, three singles) without any power, so even if our leadoff hitters were more effective, not much would have come of it. Speaking of not seeing enough pitches, in his three AB's, Brad Hawpe saw four total. Ouch.
Bottom of the Order Two for six at getting on, with one of the team's GIDP's.
Situational Hitting/Bench One for eleven in getting on base with Carroll's walk. The other ten PA's were outs. Steve Finley saw three pitches to generate his two.
Starting Pitching Cook almost gets a four for being able to take a bad outing so deep, but he let the Dodgers race to a lead our offense didn't seem to want to come back from.
Middle Relief Zach McClellan was the one bright spot on the team yesterday. Matt Herges erased any doubt of the game's outcome in his inning.
Late Relief The late relievers can thank mercy that they weren't included.
Coaching/Management i don't think this loss is on the manager's head, but he didn't exactly inspire them to a win either.
Luck I think we just played badly. Sure there were a couple of seeing eye singles, but luck didn't make us lose yesterday.
Defense Jeff Baker's early error was pretty glaring and bad. Chris Iannetta had a very good day catching Juan Pierre and Andre Ethier in SB attempts.