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Game #17: Chris Young vs. Josh Fogg

Record: 7-9 Win Change: -1 (Yes, I "borrowed" this idea from AZ Snakepit.)

We last saw Josh Fogg pitch in relief of Jeff Francis on Monday when he went two innings and scattered two hits. He is, however, still looking to get his first win of the season and after his first two starts he deserves the 'W' (but so have all our other pitchers, and they haven't picked up the win in many cases).

Last year in two games at Coors against Chris Young, the Rockies managed to drive in only three runs (two by Atkins, the other by Hawpe). Against Fogg in two games, the Padres received quite a bit of help from Josh Barfield (two homers and a triple with four RBI) who is no longer with the team and from Brian Giles. More of your first outing, Josh, and the team should be well on its way to winning the series opener.

Anyone want to bet that if Josh Fogg threw a no-hitter tonight it still wouldn't be the lead story on SportsCenter? Because, you know, the Yankees are playing the Red Sox at Fenway . . .