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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

From InToddWeTrust in last night's game thread:

don't worry

in the morning we'll have a post telling us that some sim program has Kim rebounding or maybe that Maybry is worth the roster spot he takes up and that we're really not a team that's three under .500, we're good...really.

Come on, amigo, give me some credit. Nope. After the butt lashing we've willingly bent over and dropped our pants for the last two nights, our record is precisely as it should be. And when, this season, have I implied Kim would be good for a rebound or Mabry good at all? I think you've got me confused with somebody else on those two players. Now if you want to come after me on Willy Taveras, Chris Iannetta, or Aaron Cook, fire away... if the Rockies can take it, so can I.

I will say that the Rockies are finally getting to an important stretch, and that these next eight games (combined the last three) will tell me more about the season to be than the first fourteen. We're going up against the NL's best in Los Angeles, San Diego, New York and Atlanta, with early season apparitions slowly fading into reality. So far, the results have left a bitter taste in my mouth.

According to Clint Hurdle (his video press conference can be found at at the official site) Hawpe was held out yesterday due to some unspecified soreness. It's been a brutal stretch.

A Troy Renck rumor yesterday about the Rockies being one of the teams that asked about the Devil Rays' Jorge Cantu is picked up by the Tampa Bay media, which adds that nothing's imminent on that front. Jamey Carroll seems to be fine as a starter for now, but Cantu would certainly add more offense and allow us to plug some holes elsewhere.