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Monday Morning Rockpile:

So the Rockies head into this short road trip riding an impressive one game winning streak, and need to win these next two series in order to climb back into the NL West race. Luckily for us, the teams we'll be facing over these next two series aren't that good, so we should be able to catch a break.

I mean, the Mets lead the NL in all major offensive and pitching categories, and the Braves are actually ahead of them in the standings, but come on, when was the last time either of these teams won a World Series? 1995?

Alright. So I jest, at any rate, we can pretty much guarantee that the Rockies will have the most challenging schedule in the majors for the month of April, since they still lead in that category going into these last two series. If we split them and go 11-14 for the month, we've got to be satisfied. Winning would be cause for champagne, while a 2-4 mark won't be shameful. Less than that might leave us too far back too early, however.

User DeepPurple asked me to point the SOS lead out, as well as our MLB cellar dwelling error and homerun marks. Kudos for the one, but not the other, obviously. And of course, your NL batting leader, Matt Holliday.

I also wanted to point out Tracy Ringolsby's notes, particularly the seemingly positive injury news on Ramon Ramirez and Kaz Matsui, and what Tulo's been watching while riding the pine the last two days. It will be interesting to see if he cuts back on the free swings at Shea this week.