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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

Alright, so the Rockies' hole in center field seems a deep and legitimate concern, and while it's likely that Willy Taveras will break out of his season opening slump, it should also be an imperative that the Rockies start looking around for Plan B's. In house, our best option still seems to be Ryan Spilborghs, defensive liability that he is and all. Because of his limitations he's not the ideal solution, but if I were in charge of personnel decisions, I'd be having him take as many innings in center as possible in the Springs right now.

Outside the organization, it's probably still a little too early to look for trade possibilities, although one that piques my interest is the recently confined to Manny Acta's doghouse Ryan Church of the Nationals. With the Nats not likely to be competitive during Church's peak seasons, moving him now for young pitching or other prospects would be in Washington's best interest. If the Rockies could find a package that doesn't hamstring our own future to acquire him, it could be a winning move all around. With Minnesota (Torii Hunter), Atlanta (Andruw Jones) and San Diego (Mike Cameron) all very competitive so far, it seems the only other centerfielder that might be made available for trade at the deadline would be Seattle's Ichiro Suzuki, but obviously the point is moot if the Rox themselves don't start making up some ground in the division once the schedule eases up a bit.

I'm not nearly as concerned about our production from shortstop and catcher, as there have been more signs that those will come around soon with Tulo and Torrealba at least, if not Iannetta. I just haven't seen the same improvement in Taveras' approach to his at bats, and Finley's been a poor substitute.

The games of this past week have been the most depressing to watch as a fan since a couple of brutal stretches around the All-Star break and in August last season. I'm prone to getting too emotionally invested in their outcome at times and like to bury bad losses in my head quickly, and I was worried about something like this derailing my grand plans for recaps all season long. I'll slog through it and catch up today and tomorrow, though.