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Friday Pebble Report:

Colorado Springs, W 4-3: Joe Koshansky hit his third home run on the season, but Sean Barker came in as a pinch-hitter in the top of the 9th with two outs and clubbed a triple. Ian Stewart and Seth Smith scored to give the Sky Sox the victory. Ubaldo Jimenez had a decent start as he went six innings, allowed two runs on three hits, struck out four and walked two. He also had five ground outs to eight fly outs.

Tulsa, L 0-7: Christian Colonel had the only hit for the Drillers and Juan Morillo walked three in 1 1/3 IP. Not much else worth noting.

Modesto, L 2-5: It was a hit parade for the Nuts yesterday, but it wasn't a run parade. Despite having twelve hits to Lake Elsinore's six, the team wasn't able to take advantage of them. EY Jr., Becktel and Nelson combined for seven of those hits, which is a great sign for the top of the order, and Jeff Kindel hit his second homer of the season. The Mod Bee has a recap of Samuel Deduno's first start, which you should check out.  

Asheville, L 4-6: Outings such as tonight's by Simon Ferrer are what you would expect from an interesting "johnson" (right, Chris Kline?) since this is his first year as a starter. In five innings he allowed five runs on nine hits. He also committed two balks, though neither led directly to a run being scored. Zach Simons went two innings and struck out three. Bret Berglund tried to make things interesting in the sixth inning with his three-run homer, but it wasn't enough.  

Read Jason McGill's latest blog entries for his thoughts on Simon Ferrer and the Asheville offense here. The 4/25 entry has a picture of Ferrer with his knuckleball grip.