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Friday Morning Rockpile:

The Rockies defense received the kiss of death today, as the Rocky Mountain News informs us that the Rockies haven't had an error in five games and that they have the fewest errors in the Majors. I'll put down three errors for tonight, two for tomorrow and none for Sunday. Maybe Bobby Cox will be ejected during this series also.


The Rockies have only two home runs with men on base. That's even worse than being last in the league in total homers since it shows that the guys aren't getting on base as often as they should.

As for the main part of the article, the title of it reminds me of when Apodaca became the pitching coach and he told reporters that his philosophy of pitching was to throw the ball in the strike zone. Not that it's a bad philosophy, but it sounds too simplistic. However, the physics major knows what needs to be done:

"It's constantly finding ways to adjust yourself to get it there. [...]"


Will the Rockies set a record for home run futility at Coors in April or will the newcomers help change that? It will be a tall order for the team to even match last year's total of nine homers at Coors in April. It's not out of the question that they could have two homers in each game against the Braves, but I wouldn't place any money on that happening.