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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

Slow morning, eh?

I'm watching this game on tape right now, but I'll agree with what one player said in Patrick Saundrs' wrapup

"I don't know how to explain this, so I don't know why you ask," Todd Helton said in a gloomy clubhouse.

The ol' (actions > words) scenario. Or are the reporters asking questions they already know the answer to? One question we don't know the answer to yet is, whether or not a fourth plea in a game thread will stop another possible sweep (it's worked three out of three times so far).


Have you checked out any of the recently added blogs to SBN? We have Male Pattern Fitness, run by Lou Schuler. Schuler and A's Nation's Blez were co-workers for some publication in the past.

If that isn't to your liking, maybe you prefer NASCAR? Check out Restrictor-Plate This. Cars going around a track, why? Guys attempting to go around a diamond, beautiful.

Update [2007-4-29 13:25:26 by malakian]:

A couple of roster moves were made this morning. Denny Bautista was recalled from the minors, while Ryan Speier was sent down.