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Asheville Roster Announced

Asheville’s opening day roster was released this afternoon:

Lineup: (8)
C Michael McKenry
1B Michael Paulk
2B Daniel Mayora
SS Hector Gomez
3B Spence Nagy
LF Jay Cox
CF Anthony Jackson
RF Vic Ferrante

Bench: (5)
C Jhaysson Agustin
1B Logan Wiens
2B/SS/3B Geoff Strickland
2B/SS/3B Radames Nazario
OF Bret Berglund

Pitchers: (12)
RHP Josh Sullivan
LHP Keith Weiser
RHP Aneury Rodriguez
RHP Simon Ferrer
RHP Andy Graham
RHP Craig Baker
LHP Tommy Baumgardner
RHP Sean Jarrett
RHP Ethan Katz
RHP Andy Kreidermacher
RHP James Burok
RHP Zach Simons

There are many surprises here. Namely, the absences of Brian Aguailar, Chris Cook(injured?), Matt Repec(injured), Josh Banda and a few others.  It's also surprising to see Agustin, Nagy, Nazario and Wiens on the team.  Injured relievers Will Harris and David Bechtold will begin the season in extended spring training, but should eventually join the team at a later date.

Although I doubt this team will be as successful as Colorado Springs, Tulsa or Modesto, they still should be interesting to watch nonetheless.