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Wrong Mistakes

Yogi Berra once said, "We made too many wrong mistakes." He made this remark after the Yankees lost the 1960 World Series to Bill Mazeroski and the Pirates. And Yogi is known for his weird comments, but this one does make some sense. Maybe there are right mistakes, wrong mistakes and just mistakes. A right mistake could be leaving a pitch up in the zone, but the batter fails to connect. Or a fielder making the wrong throw, but an out still occurs on the base paths.

Yesterday's game, however, featured a wrong mistake: LaTroy Hawkins. It was wrong to bring him in as the 8th inning reliever and it was wrong for him to throw that pitch to Byrnes. Here's what he had to say about that pitch:

"It was just a (horrible) pitch," Hawkins said, taking out his anger by peppering machine-gun fire on a PlayStation Portable Navy Seals game.

Make a wrong mistake? Go and kill some pixilated characters! I will count every appearance Hawkins makes from here on out in the 8th innings as a mistake. He's not going to give up a run every 8th inning the team has a leave (we can only hope so) but there are still better options on this team. His wrong mistakes are just icing on the cake.

And one more thing on Hawkins. While I was getting my breakfast this morning  I asked my dog Kimba why Hawkins was on the team. She lifted here head up, stared blankly at me, yawned, and then licked herself. Exactly.


More on the extensions

In Ringolsby's article about the extensions, we get this piece of information:

McGregor said the extensions were based on the general state of the organization, which was ranked among the worst when O'Dowd became GM in September 1999 but now has one of the most respected scouting and farm systems in baseball.

There's no debating the success of the farm and scouting systems. It really has been the one bright spot for the team the past few seasons. What else has turned out well for the Rockies since the new century began?  Look, the general state of the organization might be looking up but to give out extensions to two guys in an organization that is depressed is like saying we're winning because we're losing.

At least the Rockies chances of making the playoffs are better than this guy's chances at winning the presidency.