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Game #3: Rockies vs D-backs; Doug Davis vs Rodrigo Lopez

So, two months ago yesterday, I made a challenge with the AZ Snake Pit that Rodrigo Lopez would out-VORP Livan Hernandez this season. So far, my Rockies haven't helped me out, allowing Livan to put up a 1.8 VORP in last night's game. Now Rodrigo has a bit of a high performance bar to reach. Hernandez and today's starter Davis are also the two Diamondbacks starters I also predict to be disappointing for their hometown fans this season. A prediction which, again, thanks to some Rockies not pounding the crap out of Hernandez, is on thin ice this morning as well.

So Rockies, you know what you need to do. Rodrigo: go and defy our expectations. Offense: kick the finesse lefty back to the desert. That is all. Thanks.