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Rox Scale: Rockies 11, Diamondbacks 4

Huge eighth inning gives us the huge win. I guess our 2008 hopes are still alive. ;)

Aspect Score Notes
Table Setters Almost all thanks to Jamey Carroll's getting aboard five out of six times. The move to put Steve Finley in against Davis didn't work so well.
Heart of Lineup Nine hits, seven runs, seven RBI, it was all we could ask for from our big bats today.
Bottom of the Order This was almost all Yorvit's success (3 for 5) driving it up, as Tulo looked pretty bad in getting the golden sombrero (4 K's) today along with his one hit.
Situational Hitting/Bench Jeff Baker's perfect in pinch hitting on the season. Still. The guy is amazing. Why can't we be in the AL for this season?
Starting Pitching Seven innings from Lopez rested the bullpen (save Hawkins) and let the Rockies take this series. Colorado has a lot of doubters to silence, though, Rodrigo, so your work might still be cut out for you.
Middle Relief Affeldt was good for one out, and Buchholz allowed two runs when it didn't matter.
Late Relief Hawkins came on for the third day in a high leverage situation, and for the second in a row did everything he needed to in helping our win.
Coaching/Management I'm not sure we want to have a dead armed Hawk when we go to Petco. Then again, given Opening Day, maybe we do.
Luck This should have been a lopsided game much earlier than the eighth, but luck's been with Arizona all series.
Defense This has been a silent weakness of the series, and will need to be addressed before we head West.