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Hmm... so that's who does it...

Dan Fox, who writes at Baseball Prospectus and other places and who you might have noticed me linking articles by in the past, particularly in regards to baserunning, has posted an article about being a stringer for MLB's Gameday feature. I've mentioned that he currently lives in Colorado, so then it should come as no surprise that he's working in this function at Coors Field. Yet I know from the game thread below that many of you might ask, why were there so many troubles with Gameday running smoothly today? Well it turns out he provides an answer:

Last night I began my fourth season as an "stringer" for the now Enhanced Gameday system (note that a minority of the parks include the equipment necessary to do the enhanced pitch tracking called Pitch F/X but the idea is to add more parks throughout the year and be close to having full coverage by midseason). My first year I was in Kansas City and for the last two have worked here at Coors Field. Today the Rockies will take on the Diamondbacks in the final game of the opening series and I'm sitting in while a rookie takes his turn at the keyboard.

First of all, I just want to say I am extremely appreciative of Dan and the rookie, and whoever else is out there in MLB-land that provides this feature of tracking games to us. I'm okay with today's slowdown knowing the future of Gameday is being passed on to another set of capable hands.

Anyway, besides offering some interesting scoring tidbits, Dan's post also gives me pause for being so kind in evaluating Jamie Quirk last night in regards to his use of the pen. Particularly since it left us in a similar pickle today. I'm thinking I might have to retroactively downgrade Quirk's performance as arguments like this persuade me.