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Rox Scale: Rockies 4, Diamondbacks 3

How democratic, everybody in the lineup gets a hit tonight, and only Holliday gets two. The guys waited eleven innings for Tulo to get his, and it was a doozy. Rockies win!

Aspect Score Notes
Table Setters Scored one of our early runs and drove in the other. Didn't get on base quite enough, though.
Heart of Lineup Still not entirely what we want to see from the big boys, but Holliday had two hits, including an early RBI single to give us a one to nothing lead. Next time if Atkins scores in the end rather than getting thrown out, they get the bump up.
Bottom of the Order Again, Tulo and Iannetta play huge roles in our offense. This time despite going one for five each.
Situational Hitting/Bench Jeff Baker's perfect pinch hitting on the season, while Steve Finley couldn't get it done this time in the ninth. Extra points for Jamey Carroll scoring the tying run for Todd Helton in the eleventh.
Starting Pitching Six solid innings from Francis were a big key to tonight's win, even if he gets the no decision.
Middle Relief Same excellent job by Corpas and Ramirez, BK allowed the run in the eleventh, but the overall line of one run in three innings is as much as we should expect.
Late Relief Hawkins only begins to redeem himself for opening night with a scoreless three ground-out inning. We still need to see more. Fuentes kept the game tied as well.
Coaching/Management Despite the pleas of the Row not to use Hawkins in the eighth, one game isn't enough to demote the veteran. No egregious bad calls, nothing spectacular, though, either.
Luck Still too many seeing eye singles for the D-backs relative to us, but that could be a function of them having the superior range out there.
Defense It was better tonight, Willy Taveras still needs to learn Coors Field, still needs to be a general rather than a soldier in the outfield.