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Pebble Report: New scoreboard for Modesto; McKenry excited in Asheville

Colorado Springs: Not much, but as DenverBearsFan points out in the comments two threads down, BA's Adam Foster has a blog post about the Rox which includes a note on Joe Koshansky's less than robust Spring line with the big league club. Not included, however, was the monster double he hit in last Friday's exhibition game against the Rockies. I think Koshansky will be fine, but like Atkins with the big club, don't be surprised if it takes a bit of a warm-up.

Tulsa: Barry Lewis at the Tulsa World has an article in which Bill Geivett praises the work of Drillers pitching coach Bo McLaughlin in helping not only pitchers, but catchers like Iannetta and Colina. As the article mentions, it will be important to watch the work he does this season with Greg Reynolds and Franklin Morales, as well as Juan Morillo in his conversion to the pen.

Modesto: Brian VanderBeek of the Modesto Bee writes about the new scoreboard and extended picnic grounds at John Thurman Field. I haven't been out to Modesto to see a game for four years, so I'm interested in how the changes effect the atmosphere there. It sounds the like the Rockies' commitment to keeping their farm stocked and improvements like these will help the bottom lines of our affiliates in the ticket booth, as the story I'm about to link for Asheville will indicate.

Modesto beat the local JC, 6-1 in an exhibition. Brandon Hynick pitched well, it sounds like, even though it was against inferior competition.

The Tourists have Ian Stewart's father-in-law pitching this year ;)
Steve Dixon photographer for the Citizen Times, link below.

The Tourists played an exhibition against UNC-Asheville, Hector Gomez is already off to a hot start with a HR, and Jhaysson Agustin added one as well. Simon Ferrer's start won't sound as promising, but knuckleballs sometimes just don't want to knuckle, as Tim Wakefield or Tom Candiotti will tell you, and then even a college team can hit you hard. Jason McGill for the Asheville Citizen Times has Joe Mikulik's first impressions of the team.