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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

Official Attendance 2006:


Total: 84,237

Official Attendance 2007:


Total: 88,068
Percent Change: Up 4.5%

Let's hope the Rockies can continue their success on the road to bring more fans in for the next homestand.


Dave Krieger at the Rocky Mountain News noticed the attendance and that the Rockies are better than advertised, in giving them a positive spin as a darkhorse this year. See, people will begin to notice as the Rockies perform.


While Rodrigo Lopez and Livan Hernandez are in a dead heat according to Baseball Prospectus' VORP measure at 2.0 apiece, Jeff Baker is ranked #10 among position players with just three swings of the bat.


Latroy Hawkins will wear #42 in honor of Jackie Robinson on April 15.


David Gassko, who we've already established as among the doubters this season, does notice statistically that Aaron Cook induces a lot of ground balls. Glad that's been cleared up. No, actually his article shows that Cookie's got some historically impressive rates going for him in that department.


As far as making impressions among the unconvinced goes, even though the AZ team itself is starting to see it, count this Diamondbacks blogger among the still skeptical. It's alright, we see them again in a couple of weeks and maybe can do a better job of converting these pagan unbelievers at their home yard.


Bill Geivett will be meeting with the Colorado chapter of SABR at the Chophouse on the 21st of this month. It looks like the public can attend as well for $7.


How did I miss this?

Sparks of Dementia was somehow miraculously able to channel Matt Holliday into an interview. Fictitious, of course, :)