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First Road Trip

The Rockies begin their first road trip of the season, a nine-game, three series stretch. And they're all against the NL West. Not all that surprising as the first 19 games of the season are against NL West opponents. While it is important that the Rockies have a good road start, that doesn't always translate into success as last year's road start went well, but turned south as the season progressed.

Also, take a look at the last note at the end of the linked article. What exactly were O's fans thinking they would get out of Jaret Wright, something other than this?


The big off-season acquisition makes his debut tonight and Patrick Saunders profiles him today.

One more reason why acquiring Angel Berroa is pointless.

Rawlings wants your vote for their All-Time Gold Glove team. Larry Walker needs your help (if you want to give it).

Update [2007-4-6 15:42:50 by Rox Girl]:

For subscribers, Baseball Prospectus' Joe Sheehan takes a second look at our bullpen, and comes away with a slightly more favorable impression. As the months go along and the Rockies continue to impress, look for more of these reassessment articles from people who initially overlooked the team in the first place.