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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

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After I mentioned yesterday the Rox' troubles scoring on the bullpen in San Diego, the one for twelve/zero run performance they put up last night doesn't exactly dissuade me that we might have problems in the future if this trend continues. Can we really expect to have the lead when David Wells and Jake Peavy leave these next two games? The team has to figure this problem out and fast.

Less of a concern to me is the underperformance of the young players in the lineup. If you looked at the bottom five rookie position players in VORP this morning, you would see the following five names: Chris B. Young (despite his homerun yesterday), Troy Tulowitzki, Chris Iannetta, Kevin Kouzmanoff and Alex Gordon. I think it's safe to say that the rankings will change before the season's out.

Even though the Rockies are interested in Jose Capellan, among other teams, the Brewers might not be interested in trading him. When asked if the Brewers had any needs at the moment, Doug Melvin had this to say:

"Not really, but you take a look at the big clubs and see," Melvin said

Melvin also said he had not yet gotten back to the teams that have called.

"We're still looking at whether it's even something we want to do," Melvin said.

FOX Sports' Dayn Perry is just one of many that don't understand Coors Field anymore, but pretend that they do. Perhaps it's because -to the best of my knowledge- he still believes item #4 on this list, seeing as Fox has never retracted that. Anyway, he's one of many that when denigrating Colorado's rotation this season that point to Rodrigo Lopez' HR rate and Jason Hirsh's FB% as devastating factors in our home yard.

The following link is the one table that I think you should consider before following the same course of thought. First in, first out is the rule of the humidor when it comes to baseballs, and the result is three out of the six lowest HR/F rates among starters in the majors last year, with another one in the top twenty. Both Lopez and Hirsh would be projected to give up just under 30 apiece at the 200 inning level this season, and I'm seeing things differently right now. Obviously the two had some stellar starts this week which probably help reinforce my belief in this, but I don't see these projections panning out in this regard. Let's continue to watch these HR rates, though, throughout the next month or two to see if it's me or them that's right here.