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Rox Scale: Rockies 4, Padres 3

Rockies win again! First place by ourselves! Okay, we've got to take this series in one of the next two guys.

Aspect Score Notes
Table Setters Same story as it's been all season, with the bulk of this score coming from the second slot and Kaz Matsui rather than the leadoff slot. As long as one of them's hot, however, we seem to do okay. Taveras has scored every time he's been on base this season.
Heart of Lineup Matt Holliday scores most in this section with his two run jack and two for four night. The other three could only muster one additional hit, however.
Bottom of the Order I don't make it a one only because nobody else besides Kaz and Holliday seemed to figure out Maddux and the Pods either. Zero for eight with three K's from Tulo and Iannetta. Let's do better tomorrow boys.
Situational Hitting/Bench No need to use our secret weapon off the bench tonight. Let's save Baker for when we really need him. John Mabry couldn't come through in his PH opportunity.
Starting Pitching Another dominant start for our rotation, Hirsh's changeup had them guessing all night.
Middle Relief It's not Corpas' fault we only got to see him for one batter.
Late Relief Hawkins did well again. Fuentes most certainly did not. At least they sealed the deal.
Coaching/Management It's tough for me to say, but if you guys noticed some egregious error, let me know.
Luck Luck seemed to be on our side this time with a rare Maddux WP, for one.
Defense Not noticing the defense is a nice change of pace.