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Relax and take a breath

David OhNo made an interesting point in yesterday's game discussion:

This site has always prided itself in having the right perspective.  Often, that perspective hasn't been the company line, but it doesn't mean we have to second guess everything.

In short, what I mean is we should be more concerned with the years of statistics on these players rather than the past five games.  Frustration in game threads is understandable, but it's carrying some of the unfounded concerns night in and night out that gets a bit irritating.

And in response I'll just say Alex Rodriguez. Wait, what does Alex Rodriguez have to do with this? He has quite a bit to do with this. As you probably already know, A-Rod hit two homers yesterday, including a walk-off grand slam in the 9th. Now, you're more than likely still asking yourself what this has to do with anything Rockies related. Well, here's the thing we already know: he's the highest paid player in baseball and people have unrealistic expectations for his play as a result. Had A-Rod struck out in yesterday's game while still hitting that walk-off homer, I know people who would have said, "But he still struck out in (insert inning)." And that's been happening for three seasons, going on four now.

So, back to the Rockies. We have complaints about guys who make far less than Rodriguez and who we know are more than likely going to disappoint us. Seven days of baseball hasn't told us anything yet. Keep complaining long enough and you'll probably never be satisfied. David also brought up the point that many of the long-timers here haven't gone to snap judgments and while I can't speak for others, I haven't because the historian in me stops me from doing so.