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Rox Scale: Rockies 2, Padres 3

The Rockies are now 2 for 19 against Padres' relievers this series, and last night it came back to bite them.

Aspect Score Notes
Table Setters Two for eight with no walks. Jamey Carroll drove in our two runs with his hit, though.
Heart of Lineup Helton had two hits, but also a baserunning gaffe, and the rest just didn't come through really at all. Misery.
Bottom of the Order Iannetta and Tulo scored our only two runs, in Petco you have to take what you can.
Situational Hitting/Bench More the bench tonight than the situational hitter (Hawpe missed in his opportunity,) Carroll came in to drive in a couple and Baker went one for three.
Starting Pitching Petco's made the bottom of our rotation look really good, but our lineup look really bad. Hopefully only the last half reverses going forward this season.
Middle Relief Yeah, Corpas allowed the winning run, but one run in two innings by the combined middle relief corps is still pretty good. This loss is more on the offense, than the pitching.
Late Relief Hawkins and Fuentes got the night off.
Coaching/Management I'm mostly having trouble with the intentional walks early in the season. They're all seeming to come back to hit us in the gut in the end.
Luck Luck swinged to the Padres for this one.
Defense The defense was alright, no?