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Game #7: Rockies vs Dodgers; Francis vs Schmidt

CNN/SI's John Donovan wasn't impressed by the Rockies' performance in San Diego, ranking them #20 in his latest measure, while the Padres somehow got ranked #5. Seriously, check out that first page, the Dodgers #6, the D-backs #8 and the Rox, who beat the Snakes two out of three last week and went blow for blow with the Padres this weekend are #20! Go figure.

This is a good opportunity to show something. We've got it aligned so our 2-3-4 in the rotation are up against the Dodgers' 3-4-5 and as good as they are, we should be capable of squeezing out two of three here. Starting today, actually, with Franchise taking the hill.

Update [2007-4-9 14:45:19 by Rox Girl]:

According to Tracy Ringolsby at the RMN, Todd Helton gets the day off, with Baker covering and batting sixth.