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Scaling the Rox: Rockies 6, Dodgers 3

The Rockies spoil the home opener of the Dodgers as they did the Padres before. It would be nice if this series ends a little better than that one, however.

Aspect Score Notes
Table Setters Only two for nine, but Matsui reached once more via error, and the speed of the duo clearly bugged out the Dodgers when they were aboard.
Heart of Lineup Seven for sixteen, with Jeff Baker playing a big role off the bench and Garrett Atkins getting his first three RBI of the season, including his first HR.
Bottom of the Order One for six with a walk and a pair of runs batted in. Iannetta's swing still needs to get on track, and Tulo still needs to bump up his contact, but it seemed today was better than it has been in the past.
Situational Hitting/Bench This is all Jeff Baker in a role reversal, as Todd Helton's pinch hit appearance was fruitless.
Starting Pitching The Rockies's string of solid starts continues. Thank goodness all these parks must have humidors now... :)
Middle Relief Excellent work yet again by Rami and Corpas.
Late Relief Fuentes allowed the tying run aboard before pitching himself out of trouble. At least he did that much.
Coaching/Management Using Baker proved to be an inspired choice, as Helton has struggled against Schmidt in the past. The use of relievers like a basketball bench (four regulars and three you never see) is a bit more of a concern.
Luck Bad luck for the Dodgers with injuries. really do hope Matt Kemp is alright as he's a special baseball talent.
Defense I thought the defense was mostly alright, particularly on the corners this time, but I thought Tulo's limited range showed a bit on the single by Martin up the middle in the third. Was that just me who thought he should have had that?