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Game #27: Buchholz vs. Russ Ortiz

I thought about pleading for the win tonight since Zito will be on the mound tomorrow; however, Russ Ortiz is on the mound and it's terribly depressing if you have to plead for a win against Russ Ortiz. He hasn't really been knocked up this season, he's only given up one homer (to Chris Duffy) and in four starts the most runs he's given up five runs. It's time for a bad outing. So for the love of the game, please . . . whoa, I almost didn't stop myself there.

Anyway, Buchholz gets the start tonight, his second of the season. Buchholz looked pretty good last Monday, despite the 3-run homer by Valentin. It'll be an interesting duel as Ortiz is 10-6 all-time against the Rockies, with 3 CGs and 1 SHO. But, as the article further informs you, Helton has performed well against Ortiz.

[editor's note, by Russ] Please, no fighting.