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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: April Losses Bring May Wins?

So last night wasn't how we wanted the team to close out April, but Troy's heating up and there was no help given to Barry in his chase to break the home run record. Not buying those positives? Fine, the 'W' is the most important thing for the team to pickup, but hopefully this team trudged through the April losses in order to win in May.

What will the team need to do to accomplish that? The ignition key turned to 'ON'. The sustained production out of Taveras and Tulowitzki from the first two spots in the lineup with better production and luck out of Atkins takes precedence because the guys behind them need to clear the bases when they are at bat. A bit more power all around for this team, but especially from Holliday and Hawpe. Helton, as well, but with his advancing age I wouldn't expect him to finish higher than fourth in homers on this team. And a healthy Kaz back at second.

The pitching might have a bit more of a problem. Last night's first inning by Fogg aside, more of his outings are exactly what the team needs to compete, in his games that is. Rodrigo Lopez has started playing catch and his return will be helpful. Francis needs to rediscover his fastball location and his first test to do so in May will be against Barry Zito tomorrow. A bullpen with Martin and Affeldt will always have problems. Anyone want to clone Corpas' arm and then attach the new limbs to all the other relievers?

Can a turnaround happen? Of course, baseball has seen stranger things happen. Is it likely? For some of you the answer is no, for others yes. Just have some faith a little while longer.


Who knows if Troy will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, but but his hat and jersey are already there as a result of his unassisted triple play. It's more than most ballplayers can tell their grandchildren years after they retire.


Former first round pick of the Rockies (1998) Matt Roney was suspended for using a drug of abuse. He is currently a part of Toronto's organization, pitching at Triple-A Syracuse. Jason McGill discusses the Asheville connection in his latest blog entry.