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Game #35: Cook vs Lowry

Do you know where Aaron Cook needs to be? He needs to be in "the grove of dependable pitching and winning starts." Which is apparently a grove you can only reach by helicopter or otherwise falling in, so maybe it's already too late for tonight. I mean, I've discovered that this grove exists only by happening on a cryptic message from in its one paragraph preview of Saturday's game. So that's how that nut (fight on Barry, but not this week) beat us the last time:

Scouting Report: Giants: Zito has fallen into grove of dependable pitching and winning starts. The left-hander logged his fifth consecutive quality start against the Mets on Monday, pitching four shutout innings to open the game and leaving after yielding three runs on seven hits in six innings. It hasn't been long since Zito last faced Colorado, allowing two earned runs on four hits in a seven-inning no-decision on May 2.
Okay, this grove's whereabouts is vexing me, and clearly vexing the Rockies -who seem to have only one half or the other of that "dependable pitching and winning starts" thing down on any particular night. So I'm going to do a Google Image search for more clues.

Ooh, that's a lot more helpful than I thought it would be. Right on the front page of the search is a big yellow sign saying: START HERE. So I think I will, but I highly suggest that you don't, because that guy with the sign has a boatload of images on his front page to suck up your bandwidth with.

Alright, so I'll be off looking for more clues to the location of this mystery grove, and in the meantime, the Rockies should just keep Lowry and the Giants occupied with some impressive displays of heavy lumber. Good Luck.