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Friday Morning Rockpile:

Last night, the game came down to the small details, such as Cook's bunt in the fourth inning and Atkins' sac fly in the eight to plate Holliday. The right decision in the batter's box can make all the difference in the game and we saw that yesterday. All they need to do now is go out and repeat, repeat, repeat. Also, Cook "crumbled in the sixth." For a second I thought I read "Cookie crumbled in the sixth."

Hurdle has high praise for two youngsters on the team, in Jack Etkin's game wrap up. On Corpas:

"It was priceless," manager Clint Hurdle said of Corpas' 27-pitch outing that lasted 1 1/3 innings. "[...] His command wasn't what we saw earlier, but what's the saying - he bent but he didn't break. I think that would be appropriate."

Had Hurdle not used the bullpen the way he did on Wednesday, does anyone believe Corpas would have been out there for that entire time? It's great that he did since Corpas needs to be tested in those types of situations; allowing a few runs in your last few outings doesn't mean the manager has to lose confidence in you. Well, maybe the manager should lose confidence in a guy like Tom Martin. The sooner, the better.

On Tulowitzki:

"[...] He's put his foot down on that two spot. His at-bats have been better. He's hitting the ball where it's pitched. He's playing hard. He's playing with an edge out there. He plays with an edge both sides of the ball."

An endorsement for Troy to stay in the second spot when Matsui returns? If baseball were back in its old days then Troy would already have locked up that spot as a result of the number on the back of his jersey.


Update [2007-5-11 16:54:22 by Russ]: The Sporting News's Stan McNeal has Todd Helton as the third best player who used to be available on the trading block:

3. 1B Todd Helton, Rockies. Continued production like this -- .386 average, .523 on-base percentage -- will make paying his megacontract easier for the Rockies to bear.

Who'd want to trade away that kind of production?